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I HATE word. It’s 10 o’clock and I’m about to go to bed. Tonight I decided to upload my book to a review site. They prefer it as .mobi or pdf format. For the last 45 minutes, yes you read that correctly 45 minutes I’ve been waiting for bloody word to print as a pdf. Suddenly, it seems, it doesn’t want to talk to g‑doc any more or at least only very slowly.

Computers don’t make life easier. They merely put your blood pressure up and make you die of a heart attack. Here’s why:

1. They are STUPID you have to tell them every little thing or they do it wrong and blame you.
2. They ONLY work the way they are supposed to when it doesn’t matter. If you’re strapped for time they will crash repeatedly until it’s too late.
3. If you have 20 minutes to use your computer a day you will spend it waiting to download updates, waiting while it installs them and then gnashing your teeth, either while it re-boots or because it’s asking you every 15 seconds (Microsoft’s interpretation of ‘later’) if you’d like to.

Oh well, on the upside, I signed off my other printer today so now you can buy my book on amazon here in paperback. If you like it please feel free to write a review. You don’t have to have bought it on Amazon to write the review, you just have to have read the book.

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