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How not to launch an ebook. The K’Barthan Box Set is out. #Newbooks #KBarthan

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I have a new book out! Oh yes I do.

Secrets of the K’Barthan Series unlocked… and other ideas.

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Techniques for naming characters.

What makes a good bad guy?

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On writing a plausible baddie…

Entrails, Omens, Eggciting News and Eggstraordinary Matters…

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I’ve a new book out! Weeeeee!

K’Barthan 3 is out soon… oh yes it is!

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Book 3 of the K’Barthan Trilogy is out in 9 days! Booyacka!

Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas everybody.

Awesome Indies decide The Wrong Stuff is the right stuff.

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One absolutely lovely review of The Wrong Stuff, K’Barthan Trilogy: Part 2.

Happy New Year. Hung Over?

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Why not blow away the cobwebs with one of Gladys and Ada’s famous cheese and pickle sandwiches? You know, the pickle that’s famed for its chilli heat. No? Suit yourself. But if you are nursing a cup of black coffee with a couple of Alka Seltza in it this morning, if you have the shakes but, at […]