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New M T McGuire release … sort of and Kobo Sale

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Talking about books this week! Well, this is an author blog I have to interrupt the cat and dementia stories sometimes. Christmas Lites VII is out! Woot! Yes! I have a new release out. It’s an anthology of fantastic short stories with one dodgy one from me to lower the tone. Phnark. Christmas Lites is a charity anthology to […]

Real treasure isn’t always shiny #writing #metaldetecting

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Opening a little window on the world of metal detecting today, and chatting about gold, not comedy gold, like last week but kind of tenuously linked gold … Oh, I’ll just get on with it shall I? A few months back, the finds liaison bod who attends both the clubs I go to and asked us to […]

Can I have fried brains with that? Time management/productivity hacks for writers #amwriting #writingtips #timemanagement

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I talk about my struggles writing and how I solved them in the hope that it might help anyone facing the same difficulties.

Read MTM’s Interview: Win Stuff.

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Yes everyone, today is the day when I am interviewed in the Brain to Books blog tour. And it’s a long, long, long interview so if you like to read me wittering on, do head over and say hello. You can find my spot in the Brain to Books blog tour here: If you would like […]

Still alive and prattling on about my book. #books #bestsellers (no, really).

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M T McGuire is officially a best selling author… in theory.

Secrets of the K’Barthan Series unlocked… and other ideas.

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Techniques for naming characters.

What makes a good bad guy?

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On writing a plausible baddie…

I am now, officially, hybrid… I think.

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That’s right I run on oil AND gas. Sorry, no. What I mean is that the good folks at a small publisher have accepted a short story from me for an anthology. In the process of this they have sent me a publishing contract to sign and there is talk of a small remuneration, depending on sales volume. I think that does officially make me, in the proper sense of the word; with publication pending.

Which brings me neatly onto the other thing.

Blogging Off Piste and Visiting the Real World.

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Heads up for a guest post over at the Story Reading Ape and a reminder about Saturday’s signing at Diss Publishing bookshop in Diss, Norfolk.

But at my back, I always hear, Time’s winged chariot hurrying near.

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A reminder that I have a new book out today…