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This week, I has been mostly reading … #qualityindies #indiereads #books

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Book promos, offers and the latest interesting read I’ve enjoyed.

Still alive and prattling on about my book. #books #bestsellers (no, really).

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M T McGuire is officially a best selling author… in theory.

Is your life a French farce too?

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In which I share the farcical nature of life as a fuckwit!

Ooo! Shiny Thing.

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Few Are Chosen is Indie Book of Today.

Cover Reveal. K’Barthan Trilogy, Books 3 and 4. Yes, you read that correctly. ‘Trilogy’ and ‘Book 4’.

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Yeeee! K’Barthan Trilogy cover reveal!

Author Interview

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Bit of a re‐blog this one. Joo’s Book Reviews (and interviews) blog has very kindly interviewed me and you can find out what we talked about, my feet get a mention… and the telly. If you want to have a look it’s here. You can also find Joo’s review of Few Are Chosen, here.

Hello Stranger

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Where have I been? I’ll tell you…

The Next Big Thing…

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This week, the Next Big Thing blog chain has landed here. If you’re following it round the writing world, welcome. And everyone else, hello too.

Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt…

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Few Are Chosen, K’Barthan Trilogy: Part 1 gets shortlisted for an award and, The Wrong Stuff, K’Barthan Triligy: Book 2 inches closer, 24hours closer, to the public domain. Blimey.