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The reason I find this one useful is just to read comments from a savvy person who is an agent and is prepared to share information and time with the world.  Here in the UK, you do tend to get the impression, when you approach an agent, that it’s about how busy they are and what a nuisance (to the point of stalkerdom) you are.

And there go my chances with any of them.

But what I mean is, they aren’t all like that, even the ones who give that impression, they’re just laden with British guilt because they have about 3,000 authors after each slot on their books… possibly more.  Underneath it are people who want to help and when I read the work of Mr Bransford, even though he’s in the States I feel that yes, it is worth continuing the search for an agent, even as I self e‑publish my book, because many of them are human.

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  1. I just finished reading your story. I enjoyed it throughout getting many smiles and chuckles as I went.
    Based on this sample of your writing I would most definitely buy any book you may have published.
    Bill Howdle

  2. Bill, you rock, delighted you enjoyed it!

    All the best

    M T M

  3. I’ve read They Came, They Saw and Is This Heaven loved them. Please keep writing, I will keep my eye’s open for more!

  4. Grace, I’m delighted you like them. Frankly if three people read my stuff and like it, I’ll be satisfied… although naturally, in an ideal world, I want it to be a lot more than three. 😉