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Taking the plunge

Having discovered the lovely Smashwords is going to charge witholding tax. I have been feeling, for some time, that my plan to e‑publish my book has been a bit well… to put not too fine a point on it, pissed on. Now though, I have a plan.

So, here’s the deal.  I’m going to serialise my e‑book for free, starting the last week in July. Anyone who gets bored reading the instalments can buy a copy of the e‑book in advance for £2.50 or, if they really want to push the boat out, they can buy a paperback. Incidentally, the free, serialised, e‑book will always be available. My aim is to get it printed for a price that will allow me to sell it for £7.99 and send it anywhere in the world for a tenner!

Terrestrially (is that the right word) I’ll try to sell the paperback locally, my local book shops, a signing, publicity in the local papers, radio and if I could swing it, TV, e‑mails to friends, family, clubs etc. The angle being stay at home parent with two year old writes and self-publishes book — might add NCT or the like to the list for press releases then.

I’ve thought about Amazon but because they demand you sell it half price I’d have to list it at £15.99 in order to sell it for a reasonable amount and leave room for costs an their cut, let alone actually earn anything from it.  It all seems to be a bit artificial to me.

So there we go, that’s the plan… I took a big breath and sent off for the ISBNs today… one for each format of the serialised e‑book, one for each format of the sold e‑book and one for the paperback.

And yes, it’s a lot of money all this printing and isbns and gubbins and I could end up looking a real idiot. It’s sort of daunting and yet quite exciting too.

On a lighter note, scion pointed at my Dr Who mug today and, unprompted, shouted “Darlick”.

I did tell him what a Dalek was — when he was about 5 months old at any rate — but I don’t remember mentioning it since. Even so, clearly it went in.

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  1. Oh my, I’m first again:)! Anyway, please instead of Amazon have a look at — they send books worldwide & postfree! They may have also a more reasonable attitude towards authors than Amazon. (There’s also a site).

  2. Judging by my stats, I think you may find you are first quite a lot 😉 Once again, you are a mine of handy information, I will definitely check out bookdepository.