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Still Drawing Your Characters?

Yep. Me too. This time, Lord Vernon and Big Merv. Next up, Ruth but I have a commission of real art to complete so it may be a while before I can draw her.

Let’s look at Big Merv first. The drawing is pretty much how he appears in my mind’s eye only in my head he’s real and this is in cartoon format.

Big Merv

It isn’t the right orange, I wanted it redder but even so, I’m quite chuffed with this one.

And here we have Lord Vernon. He is also very vivid in my head but unlike Big Merv who was quite quick to draw, I had to have three goes at him before I got anything approaching a likeness. Somehow I can’t quite seem to translate the man — sorry Grongle — in my mind onto paper. I guess I wanted him to look like a BAD mother but also kind of sexy. Beyond the scope of my artistic capabilities, definitely, so I settled for BAD mother… and green. Here’s the result.

Lord Vernon, the evil baddie from Few Are Chosen

Sigh. Close… but no cigar.

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