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OK, so I appreciate that this is a writer’s blog and as such, doubtless it’s meant to be ‘professional’ ie, about my writing and nothing else…

Except sometimes, I wish I could blog about day to day stuff on here. Because you see, I like to write, even when my brain is not firing on all cylinders. But when my brain is mush and stories and books are beyond me, the results are not my best work, even though the urge to write is strong and must be obeyed (the strong bit sounds better if you do it in the voice of Darth Vader). Some days, days like today, I want to indulge in the joy of flinging words about without having to say anything poignant, pointy or meaningful.

And now I’m thinking, sod it, this is my blog. So I have a new tag, ‘off topic’. You see that and it means I’m not going to be talking about writing or books or anything to do with my ‘career’. If I put ‘parenthood’ as well, you know I’m REALLY not going to be talking about writing.

Looking after a 3 year old, even one who goes to nursery for 15 hours a week, is quite demanding. Good demanding but… well… there’s not much spare time and very little head space. I could use a lot of words to try and explain this but I have a picture which does it all for me.

When I got to nursery with the wee man the other day I looked down into the very spartan footwell of my car and was compelled to photograph what I saw. This is how I went out in public. These are the shoes I selected in daylight from the neatly paird up rows of pairs by our door. This is now my brain and this is now my life.

Mmm. Never mind. At least it’s funny.

This is my brain, this is my life

Don’t say anything about the purple socks, I thought I was wearing beige shoes, alright?

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  1. As you say, it’s your blog. Write what you want! It’s still writing after all.