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Since yesterday evening, the download total for my second free e‐short, Bog Man, on feedbooks has gone from 650 to 741… I dunno what’s going on but it’s brilliant! In the last hour 11 people have downloaded it… The other one’s still ticking along with 2 or 3 downloads a day, now, that’s what I consider to be a realistic expectation for both but this is… barking… in a very good and happy way!

May 12, 2010

Free publicity for e‐books

I added news of my e‐short to It took a while to come up but was posted on Saturday (10 April). It’s caused a sizeable spike in my download rates at Smashwords so I definitely recommend it.

April 12, 2010

The Value of Re‐reading…

Hmm… here I am formatting my book for print, ordering actual bound copies to look at and evaluate and thinking that I am pretty much finished when I discover a massive and pointless continuity error…

I’d never seen it before so I’m delighted (not to mention relieved) to have found it now.  I suspect the moral of this story is that you can never proof read your stuff enough times.

April 9, 2010

Wait! It is not ready yet… or is it?

OK so you’ve written something. It has a beginning a middle and an end… sort of. You’re pleased and you think it might be a winner but DO YOU KNOW…

April 4, 2010


I’ve had a bit of a pip tonight.

My first freebie short story, Is This Heaven? has had 108 downloads on Smashwords and is linked in two other writer’s profiles. It’s had about 350 hits on Freado/bookbuzr and Scribd but I’m not so sure of the accuracy of their stats… but I digress…

March 14, 2010

New Freebie

Yep, there’s a new freebie afoot, a short story…

Bog Man: A perfectly preserved pre‐historic cadaver is discovered in the fens and brought to a Museum. For the new Director it should present a major opportunity but is it real? And if it is, how come the pre‐historic ring it’s wearing also bears the marks of a local shop. And where is the Museum’s Head Electrician? If the Director doesn’t find answers soon the unthinkable may happen. In front of the world, he may look an idiot.

March 13, 2010

Brief summary of copyright for UK authors

If you’re looking into self‐publishing like I am (in this case while I wait for the results of my latest submission) you’ll be amazed at how many questions crop up as you start to explore your options further.  In this case, a few worries about copyright.  It took me a couple of hours of digging to find anything approaching the hard facts on‐line in a form I was prepared to believe so… for other authors like myself.

March 11, 2010

Kathy Lette says she admires me!

Yeh and even though she doesn’t know who I am, it feels good!

In an interview  on the writers and artists yearbook blog she was asked what female novelists she admired and said this: “All female novelists who are also mothers. We should all just get a Booker Prize for finishing a book.”

The rest of the article is a great read, too…

March 9, 2010

Top tips for writers…

From writers… Thank you Neil Gaman for pointing me at this from your twitter account — yes I am one of your many billion followers. Yeh, I know, I must learn how to re‐tweet but as yet I haven’t so…

What I like about this articles is that unlike most of the how to books, sites or articles you read about writing, ask successful writers, themselves, and they suggest you write what comes out, rather than what you think will sell.

February 21, 2010

Audio publishing…

Hmm… so what I really need to find is a Smashwords for audiobooks… I was thinking I could read it, myself, Scott Sigler style. He is the guy who gave his books away as podcasts and ended up getting picked up by Orion after he had 50,000 downloads.  Something like 60% of the people who downloaded his book […]

February 17, 2010