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Bla bla blurb.

Here is another go at a blurb for The Wrong Stuff.

If anyone is willing or able to offer feedback please feel free. I’d be delighted.

January 17, 2012

Small talk again

A couple of small things from McMini.

January 11, 2012

Some Thoughts About Free Promotions and KDP Select

As you may know have a short on kdp select which is a prequel to my novel. If you want to know how it’s going then, let me share my piss‐poor sales figures with you! Mwah ha ha ha haargh.

January 7, 2012

People who bought this also bought… Cluster KDP Select freebie group?

Cluster freebies from similar genre authors on KDP Select. Anyone interested?

January 3, 2012

All the Cats and Chicks Can Get Their Kicks at the Hop — Click HERE for the Goodreads Blog Hop.

Hello, welcome if you haven’t been here before and Merry Christmas or if you don’t do Christmas, please accept some fall‐out jollity from another religion/nation’s holiday dispensed with cheerful abandon.

Some of you may have hopped here from — lots of you, I hope.

This is actually the exerpt. It is the full post but if you want to enter the competition and comment please click here

OK I’m a bit new to this but there is a free e‐book of Few Are Chosen in whatever format you like and a mug up for grabs for the winner (take your pick). To see the mugs click here. Oh yes, I do merchandise. There should be four to choose from.

So, all you have to do is visit the Few Are Chosen page here or on Amazon, read the blurb and the author biog and then answer the following questions.

1. How old is M T McGuire?
2. What is the name of the main character in Few Are Chosen?
3. What does he end up doing for a living?

OK tie breaker.

If I found a gateway to Narnia in the back of a wardrobe I would…?

Complete the sentence in 10 words or less.

Oh and if you have come here before the end of Boxing Day you can download the Prequel to Few Are chosen from Amazon for free.

It’s called Unlucky Dip and it’s on Amazon UK here or here. Free on both sites until Midnight 26 December US Pacific time.

For the next blog in the hop, I give you the redoutable Lexi Revellian.

Thank you for joining in and just so you have them all here and can visit everyone, here is a list of everyone taking part.


December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

A cheesy Merry Christmas to one and all. Also don’t forget there are three free copies of the e‐book of Few Are Chosen in any format you like by visiting — not to mention lots of other lovely stuff by far more interesting authors than me. I hope I’ve got the link right, I’m doing […]

December 24, 2011


If you like forums, try these two on Goodreads:

Amazon Kindle Forum
Creative Reivews

December 21, 2011

Ta da.…

Here’s the blurb for The Wrong Stuff… er… the current blurb, anyway. Any comments are welcome!

December 15, 2011

Anyone want a free e‐book?

Anyone want a free e‐book? K’Barthan 2 needs beta readers.

December 14, 2011

KDP Select”

There’s been a lot written about the new Amazon initiative kdp select. For what it’s worth, I would suggest that Amazon’s reasons are economic rather than philanthropic. So, with my ex brand manager’s hat on, here’s what I think they might be up to, or at least, here’s what I’d be up to if I was them.

December 13, 2011