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That’s… quite a thing.

Another article about metal detecting which isn’t even tenuously related to my writing this time, but does answer a question posted in the comments on my mirror blog.

March 26, 2014

You what?

I witter about metal detecting and then link it, rather tenuously, to world building.

March 18, 2014

Box 010 Results: Number 11 C. E. Martin

Yes it’s that time. The results for C. E. Martin’s Box 010 spot are right here!

March 8, 2014

An ad hoc sort of world: Introducing Mr Jim Webster and the Tsarina Sector.

This week, I am mostly featuring a guest post by my good cyber friend and fellow writer, Jim Webster. Jim’s new book, Justice-4–1, Tsarina-Sector will be out soon. You can check it out on his author page at Safkhet — his publishers — here, while his author page on Amazon, which gives you details of all his books, is here.

March 6, 2014

Castles in the sky. Feet in the…

A lengthy whinge and some good news about Few Are Chosen, K’Barthan Trilogy Part 1

February 25, 2014

Box 010: Number 11, C. E. Martin

Join me to chat to C. E. Martin, author of the Stone Soldiers Series and discover what he would like to put into Box 010

February 20, 2014

Fed up with eating snail and tortoise dust? Join us the #slowwriters.

Fed up with the glacial pace at which you produce work? Join #slowwriters

January 25, 2014

Super Sweet Blogging Award and a little bit of #tbsu

The super sweet blog meme, forget the me bit, there are 13 excellent blogs listed there which are all fun and worth a look.

January 21, 2014

Hybrid. Not just for cars.

My educated guess as to why hybrid authors earn more money.

January 16, 2014
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