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Open the book to page ninety‐nine, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you.” -Ford Madox Ford

That’s what they say, anyway. So comes The idea is that you submit page 99 of your book to this site and people vote on whether or not they’ll turn the page. Few Are Chosen doesn’t rejoice in the most interesting page 99 — if you have a copy to hand take a look. There… see what I mean. Even so, 67% of readers would want to read on and that gets me an ‘award’.

Mmm… I’m happy.

It works like this. Your page gets 30 reads and then you have your results. Some readers leave comments, some are useful and constructive. You can join and rate page 99s, yourself and yes, it’s addictive. Here’s my corner you can jump off from there!

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