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Still floating after yesterday’s review, thank you again Ruth Hayes.

I’ve been trying to approach one reviewer a week — ideally it would be one a day but I’m a realist and I look after a 2 year old full-time.

There are some excellent review sites to be found by lurking on the Amazon forums and through mobileread I’ve also stumbled upon a useful list of reviewers who concentrate on indie books on Simon Royle’s list here.

That link is from mobileread, another site it’s worth joining if you are thinking of publishing an e-book.

Simon’s site is definitely worth a look. If only because Few Are Chosen is on the Royle list of indie authors resulting in a small whoop of traffic and downloads here — hello and welcome Royalettes.

It is heartening to see how many people are prepared to share information and time for very little reward, other than a little publicity for their own stuff and the pleasure of seeing others succeed. So, do check out these links if you can.

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