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I’ve been toying with the cover of Few Are Chosen. These are preliminary photoshopped sketches and the ‘M T McGuire’ bit is supposed to be outlined/shaded like the title but it didn’t transfer from one computer to the other very well.

If you’re willing and able, all you need to do is do a quite 1–4 list to tell me which the order you like them in: A, B, C or the original. Perhaps I should give you the blurb too.

OK, here we are. Blurb first then piccies.

The Pan of Hamgee isn’t paranoid. There must be some people in K’Barth who aren’t out to get him it’s just that, right now, he’s not sure where they are. His family are dead, his existence is treason and he does the only thing he can to survive — getaway driving.

As if being on the run isn’t bad enough, when he finds a magic thimble and decides to keep it, he unwittingly sets himself on a collision course with Lord Vernon, K’Barth’s despot ruler.

Unwillingly The Pan is forced to make choices and stand up for his beliefs, beliefs he never knew he had until they were challenged. But when he is faced with a stark moral dilemma will his new found integrity stick? Can he stop running?

Specimen A

Specimen B

Specimen C

Or the original…

Please leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.

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9 comments... add one yourself ?

  1. MTM,
    I like any of the first 2… A, B or C.
    The orginal doesn’t tell the reader much about what to expect.
    The others do. I don’t see much difference between the first 3. Could be the way they’re displayed on my screen.

    Good luck.

  2. Hello

    I like your blog. The covers are too large to be able to look at them properly as I scroll down the page. Can you reduce them to a couple of inches tall? I like the first three but I think I prefer the last one, the original.

    Good luck with it

  3. I haven’t read the book yet (though I do have it!) so I don’t know how a flying car or a thimble relate to the story, but the only cover above that I like is the original one with the thimble. I think it looks more professional and because it reminds me of Robert Rankin’s covers, I immediately got the impression that the story would be a comic fantasy, which it is. So the cover did what it was supposed to for me. Got my attention and told me what type of story to expect.

  4. I think it’s a toss up between A and C. I’m not crazy about the color of the font on B, and I think the original doesn’t really tell a story the way the other graphic does.

  5. I like the original best. The last one is very eye catching but I think I lost 20% of the vision in my right eye from all that gold suddenly flashing at me.

  6. There’s certainly more movement in A–C. Make sure the author’s name is not obscured (as it looks here).
    It’s a subliminal plus point as the years roll on. The question is really ‘Which typeface do you prefer?’
    B, I think.

  7. A

    There’s my order of preference. Considering I read and reviewed the book, I think my voe should count double 😀

    I actually really like your original cover, but I think it doesn’t do much to garner interest in the actual story and give the proper feel for what the story is about. I get where the thimble comes from, but it takes a while to get there in the story, and it’s not so much the main main MAIN aspect.

    There ya go! My opinion! Because you asked!

  8. A, B, C, D. I think the text pops best on A. It gets a little lost on B and C. I’ve got nothing against D, incidentally, it just seems abstract.

  9. Thank you everyone here and everywhere else who have kindly added comments, I think, at the moment the first of the three illustrations is just squeaking it.