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Box 010 Results: Number 7, Will Macmillan Jones

This week’s special guest was Will Macmillan Jones, writer of the acclaimed Banned Underground humorous fantasy series, fellow authorholic and petrol head. Will is also branching out into horror with his first book The Showing, out now and more promised. You can find his blog here .

Congratulations Will for persuading us all to vote for three of your items these are:-

  1. Lawyers.
    Bollocks. I’m going to be living in Box 010 from now on then as despite swearing I’d never marry a lawyer that’s exactly what I did.
  2. People who drive fast cars really slowly.
    It goes without saying that I am absolutely delighted to see this go in. After languising is goes.
  3. Drum n Bass.
    I think this is used to power cars. I’m not sure but in it goes

In an unprecedented change of the rules, I’ve decided to allow anyone who gets three items or more into Box 010 to choose another item to go in. And from now on in, that’s the way it will be. Will, which is going in, Estate Agents or TV?

Well, M T. I think it has to be Estate Agents.

Excellent choice. Will, thank you for joining me on Box 010. Next week… actually, I don’t know who next week’s guest will be yet, but do join me, for an exciting surprise, as someone else joins me to hurl the objects they loathe and detest into the black hole of Box 010.

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