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Box 010 Results: Number 5, Jean Gill

This week’s special guest has been Jean Gill. She writes… well, pretty much anything but she has asked me to feature Someone to Look Up To’ a story about a Pyrenean mountain dog, in search of his perfect human.

You can find Jean’s Amazon author page here or you can visit her blog here. So now, without more ado, here are the results of the vote!

This week’s vote is now complete so, without more ado, here are the results. Jean, congratulations, the voters have overwhelmingly endorsed two of your choices. These are:-

  1. Dog owners with no control of their off lead dogs.
    Excellent choice, voters! Jean I’m as glad to see the back of that one as you are.
  2. Cold calls and spam.
    Yet another of my own personal preferences is expunged from existence. Yeh.

Jean, nice going and thank you very much for taking part.

OK everyone, that’s it for now, please join me next week, when speculative fiction author Jaq D Hawkins is going to try and persuade us to vote her most loathed items into oblivion.

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